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Interkulturelles Netzwerk e.V is a non-profit organisation and, since 1996, organises international, intercultural exchanges with various partners – European and otherwise – in Germany and abroad, thereby facilitating direct dialogue between persons from different cultures. Their aim is to promote intercultural leaning and, by doing so, to contribute to a better mutual understanding.

In the field of training and education, Interkulturelles Netzwerk e.V. mostly offers international cycles of basic training in intercultural exchanges facilitation, as well as language animation. Intercultural exchanges for children and youth are also a key point of our NGO’s work.

Our team’s youth leaders and interpreters have specific intercultural and linguistic skills. In addition to their educational training on a national level, they have been certified by the French-German Youth Office (FGYO) for bi- or tri-national youth exchanges and/or language animation.

The association Interkulturelles Netzwerk is represented in various working groups on a European level regarding the certification of skills related to the pedagogy of intercultural exchanges’ and, every year, organises a partner fair which brings together around forty organisations from the European Union, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe as well as several countries from around the Mediterranean.

Furthermore, interkulturelles Netzwerk e.V. acts as a centralising organisation for the French-German Youth Office and for the French-Polish Youth Office, and in this respect supports smaller organisations in Germany with the designing, funding, implementation, and evaluation of intercultural exchanges.

All the organisation’s activities as well as their current programme are available at

Founded in 1945, Peuple et Culture works in the field of community education (éducation populaire).  Its activities focus on cultural action and mediation, raising intercultural awareness and international exchanges, local development in rural and urban contexts, and training.

In the form of a union of associations, it includes single or multi-purpose organisations at local, departmental, regional or national levels, and individual members.  Each group chooses its preferred level according to its socio-economic context and the initiatives with which it is concerned, on the basis of pluridisciplinarity and complementarity, and with the aim of working for the development of an intelligently critical citizenry.  The diversity of this network combines both reflexion on action and work on the ground.

Fundamentally pluridisciplinary, Peuple et Culture is a context where different approaches, publics and themes coexist and influence each other.

In may 1995 KŚ AZS Worclaw created the Miedzynarodowe Centrum Spotkan Mlodziezy ( International Centre of Youth Meetings), which has been organizing and participating in youth exchanges in the frame of “Youth”, “Youth in Action” and Polish-German Youth Partnership programms. Organization of many international projects allowed to created a wide net of contacts whit almost every European country. The themes of the projects are sport, culture, youth issues, three or multi sided international exchanges, workcamps, eurocamps, language courses, training courses, partnership exchanges and know-how exchanges.  From 2012 we are Międzynarodowe Centrum Spotkań Młodzieży ( International Centre of Youth Meetings) an independent association of close cooperation with the AZS Wrocław.

Intercultural life is an association active in the field of non-formal education. With our projects we offer a frame for creative and permanent learning experiences, which allow the participants to develop their abilities of interaction, reflexion and social action. We want to foster key competences which are important for the life in a modern globalized word such as intercultural competence, communication skills and critical thinking.

We promote:

  • Intercultural learning
  • Participation and democratic citizenship
  • Tolerance and respect
  • Gender justice
  • Inclusion
  • Environmental awareness and sustainable development

Our main target groups are young people and other social groups with fewer opportunities, as well as social workers, youth workers and teachers. We are cooperating with schools, centers for vocational training, NGOs and public bodies.

We offer workshops and trainings in the field of active education on a local and international level, international youth exchanges, volunteering opportunities with the European Solidarity Corps, coaching for youth initiatives, as well as networking and capacity building projects on a European level.

This project was kindly funded by the European funding programme Erasmus+. The associated organisations took part in a “Strategic partnership”. Further information on this programme is available at