Online Language Animation

Until further notice, we are forced to organise more and more international meetings in hybrid format or online. For some months now, a group of trainers from several countries have been working together to adapt language animation methods to the crisis situation. Since then, several videos have been created and descriptions of the corresponding methods are available in PDF format, and these resources will continue to be added to this site. The project was funded by the French-German Youth Office (FGYO).

The first methods workshop took place in spring 2020, the results are still available below. In the autumn of the same year, the working group and participants of an online language animation training course were able to develop some new methods. The videos were then considerably shortened and are now easier to watch. This project was also supported by the FGYO.

The partners continue to offer thematic training courses on “language animation” and “accompanying online meetings/online facilitation”. If you are interested, you can find information on the corresponding websites by clicking on the links below.

Attention: All videos are recorded or subtitled in English. If the subtitles do not appear immediately, this function can be set in the video.

Results of the second methods workshop:

Results of the first methods workshop:

Project partners:

The following partner associations contributed to the development of the online language animation methods: